Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ozotic 534 - Purple Holo Multichrome Amazingness!

 Hey guys! Today I have one of the lovely Mish Mash Ozotic shades to share with you! In case you aren't aware, the Mish Mash shades are holo multichromes - like the Enchanted Polish Beatles/Imagine collection. I have had this one for awhile but only just got around to wearing it -- I've recently realized just how many untrieds I have (afraid to find out the actual number but I'm sure it is appalling) so I hope to whittle it down from now on! Anyway, 534 is a purple base that shifts pinkish and gold, and is of course crazy holo! These are a lot more sheer than the Enchanteds so I layered it over my most recent obsession, Cult Nails Nevermore, a fantastic glossy black one-coater. I love the dark, mysterious purple effect the two created together - check it out!

outdoors, sun
outdoors, overcast
indoors, flash
On my nails:
1 coat Nail Tek III Protection Plus
1 coat Cult Nails Nevermore
1 coat Ozotic 534
1 coat Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed

The next two photos attempt to show the color shifts - I am never all that great at capturing shifts but I think you can see the pink in the first photo, and the goldish in the second:

outdoors, shade
indoors, natural light
 Really adore this polish! Patting myself on the back for going through a crazy phase a while back and hunting down a bunch of HTF discontinued Ozotics like this one, because they really are gorgeous. Such a strong, pretty holo, and it looks so vampy and cool over black. The color shift is kind of hard to see sometimes for me, but when I do it sure is pretty :) Looking forward to trying the blue version of this polish that I also picked up soon!

outdoors, overcast
If you'd like to check out Ozotic be sure to visit their website, check out the Network page for all the places you can buy, and their Facebook
The Mish Mashes (and the whole 500 line) are discontinued but you can find some of the 500 line still on their website/at other vendors, and never forget to check eBay, as of this post a few Mish Mash polishes are on there!

Have a great day! ♥