Monday, May 5, 2014

Cupcakes, Ninjas, & Flowers, Oh My!

Hello again! I couldn't resist sneaking in another post (more polish-centric this time) this evening -- no better time than the week before finals to get bit by the blogging bug, lol.

Today I have a super cute mani that I wore all of last week to share with you. I started with Chaos & Crocodiles Cupcake Ninja, a yummy hot pink with silver and pink shimmer. I actually wore it on its own for a day first -- it has an awesome semi-matte finish, and is totally opaque and leveled in just two coats! After a day I decided to get a little artsy and dotted on flowers with Cult Nails Tempest and China Glaze Sunshine Pop, and then finished it all off with China Glaze Fairy Dust for a little extra sparkle. Take a look!

outdoors, sun
outdoors, shade

Such a cute mani! I obviously loved this one, since I didn't get tired of it for a whole week, lol -- and it held up for that long as well, with barely even any tipwear! Definitely impressed with my first C&C -- dying to try more now!

If you want to check out Chaos & Crocodiles be sure to visit their website and Facebook~

Have a fantabulous day!

Influenster Uni VoxBox Review

Hi friends! Today I have a bunch of lovely products to share with you that I was sent to review from Influenster for their Uni VoxBox! As many of you know, the VoxBox program is where you get sent several items based on a certain theme to try out and share with your followers -- and as a college student, Influenster chose me for this college-themed one :) On to the goodies!

 First off is Red Rose Real Tea Water Enhancer in Blackcurrant Raspberry. This was pretty easy to make, just squirt some of the syrupy stuff into a glass of water, mix it, and voila! I wasn't sure how much to put in, but when the water looked the way it looks in my picture, it was pretty tasty -- yummy berry flavor, slightly sweet, and at only 5 calories I am happy!

Next is Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons. The packaging on these is super girly and cute -- look, the applicator is pink! They are scented, a light fresh floral scent, which was unexpected but nice. Honestly these tampons are kind of small, smaller than what I typically use, so they are less absorbent and need changing more often, but on a lighter day they work great!

 Next up is Pilot Acroball Purewhite, a nice ballpoint pen with black ink. Honestly nothing terribly special about it, but a nice pen! I have used the Pilot FriXion pens exclusively since I reviewed them for another VoxBox -- Pilot pens are great!

cropped out: (Hello f)riends! :) <3
 Next up is Broadway Nails imPress Press-on Manicure. These are cute little press-on nails -- just make sure your nail is clean and dry, take the plastic tab off the back of the nail, and press it on. They come in several different sizes, which is nice as well. Also, the packaging (stored in a nail polish bottle that snaps open) is super cute! The "short length" nails were a bit too little for my nail beds even with trimmed nails, and my nails are super curved so they didn't really lay down flat either. They stuck on quite well though, and I really liked the design! Would love to try "long length" ones and see if they work better for me.

Next is NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuschia and Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain.

 The foundation was too light for my skin tone, which is probably my fault -- Influenster did ask me ahead of time which color I wanted, and since my skin is super light and I usually need the lightest color, I just went for the lightest one. However, the consistency and application was lovely -- it really does feel mousse-y, almost sponge-y -- very light! I would definitely use this if it was the right color.

maybe my skin is more yellow-leaning and this is a bit too pink?
Not sure.
 The lipstick is a really pretty color! Very pigmented, applied very easily. I don't wear lipstick, especially bright lipstick, hardly ever (is hard to be a beauty blogger in college sometimes when everyone around me rocks the sweatpants and no makeup look nearly every day, alas) but I could see myself wearing this color on the right occasion for sure. Since it is so pigmented, it does kind of stain -- I removed it with a makeup wipe, but my lips were still noticeably pink even after complete removal for a couple hours, so just keep that in mind.

 I am certainly no makeup blogger (...yet) so hopefully my swatches are adequate... in the interest of an informative review I included a pic of me wearing both of these products (and nothing else except some mascara) so you can see what they look like on. The foundation made me a little ghostly but I do like that pink!

And that is that! I really enjoyed getting a chance to use all these products -- they were all great, and I definitely recommend checking them out!

Have a lovely day!

~These products were provided for an honest review by me from Influenster.