Sunday, November 18, 2012

MmmmNails Swatches and Review Part Two

Hi guys! Today I'm continuing my review of MmmmNails polishes. Today we have some glitters, yay! :)

left to right: Apple Licorice, Paradise Cocktail, Sunshine
All swatches are no base coat, two coats of base color, two coats of glitter, one coat of OPI Topcoat

Apple Licorice is a mix of silver/light blue/black microglitter/bars, pale gold/light blue small hexes, large light blue hexes, and silver stars in an olive green-tinted base. I layered it over China Glaze Starboard, a medium green creme. This was a pretty one! The stars were pretty abundant, which is always great :)

outdoors, shade
outdoors, sun
Paradise Cocktail is a mix of various shades of green/white satin medium hexes, small darker pink squares and medium size lighter pink squares, white bars, and pale green microglitter, in a lime green-tinted base. I wore it over Zoya Tracie, a pistachio green shimmer. This one is really pretty as well -- they are all pretty! -- and I really like how the green glitters blend with the base, it's an interesting effect. The pink squares are lovely, too :)

outdoors, sun
indoors, natural light

 Sunshine is a mix of bright turquoise matte hexes, shiny gold hexes and squares in various sizes, small satin white squares, and turquoise microglitters in a yellow-tinted base. I layered it over China Glaze Jolly Holly, a dark green shimmer. This combo was really gorgeous! I love the gold and turquoise against the dark green. Also, it is important to note that there was no curling issues with the glitter-- if you look at my ring finger, there is a large gold square, and it is lying perfectly flat against my nail! There might be some reflective curling going on, but every single glitter, even the big ones, were perfectly well-behaved :)

outdoors, sun
indoors, natural light
I really liked all of these! My favorite was definitely Sunshine, just because against that dark green shimmer it was to die for :) They all were great formula, too -- maybe a touch thick, but they applied great and none of the glitters were difficult to work with! What's your favorite?

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