Monday, November 19, 2012

MmmmNails Swatches and Review Part Three

 Hey guys! Today is my last review of MmmmNails polishes. More glitter for today, which is fine by me -- never too much glitter! :)

left to right: Quick Bite, Nibble Yum, Cupcake Party, Be a Lil Naughty

All swatches are no base coat, two-three coats of base color, two coats of glitter, one coat of OPI Topcoat 

Quick Bite is a mix of bright blue shards/tiny bars and small green hexes in a blue-tinted base. I layered it over Zoya Robyn, a bright sky blue creme. Personally, while I love larger bar glitters, the smaller ones aren't my favorite, but this was a pretty color combo! Robyn is one of my favorite blues, and they look really nice together. 

outdoors, shade
outdoors, sun
Nibble Yum is full of lovely lavender holo microglitter in a clear base. I layered it over Orly Lollipop, a lavender creme. I loved these two together, and I LOVE the holo! This one is adorable, delicate, and very pretty. :)

outdoors, sun
outdoors, sun -- see the blurry sparkles?!
indoors, natural light
Cupcake Party is a gorgeous mix of tons of silver and iridescent microglitter, tons of multi-colored small and large hexes (purple, pink, gold, blue, green, silver, and probably more!) all in a purple base. I layered it over LA Colors Color Craze Metallic Purple. This one is so, so pretty! I love all the accent glitters; it really is like a party :)

outdoors, sun
indoors, natural light
Be a Lil Naughty is a mix of red satin hexes and squares in a variety of sizes and red microglitter in a red-tinted base. I layered it over China Glaze Phat Santa, a deep red creme. Red isn't always my favorite, but I liked the satin glitters in this one :)

outdoors, overcast

indoors, natural light (near window)

I hope everyone enjoyed these swatches over the past few days! I was really impressed with these polishes -- they all had great formula, a lot of them were super unique, and they were all super gorgeous! From this batch, I adored Cupcake Party and Nibble Yum. Let me know your favorites! :)

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Have a great day! ♥

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