Thursday, November 13, 2014

NOTD: French Mani with a Twist

Hello friends! Today I have a simple NOTD I did awhile back for the school career fair. I needed something professional, but wasn't feeling a neutral or red or anything, so I decided to try my hand at a freehand French mani! I have definitely tried them before in the past, but that was back in what I think of as my "pre-polish days" - that is, when I wore and consumed nail polish like a normal person, instead of the obsessive kind :P So, while those past attempts were quite unspeakably ugly, I thought I might have a little more success now - and I was right!

I started out with two coats of Essie Adore-a-ball, a sheer pale pink. Then, I used the classic Essie Marshmallow, a sheer white, on the tips. I was worried about this, but it turned out quite nice! In the past I had always tried to draw on tips by just dragging the brush horizontally across the edge of my nail, which I think makes it very easy to end up with an uneven line. This time, I decided how thick I wanted the "tip" to be, then did short vertical swipes from that line to the tip of my nail. This gave me a lot more control I think, and made it easier to get the line exactly how I wanted it. Finally, to add a little kick (because I can't stand not to sparkle) I added an unlabeled iridescent flakie polish I found for some added shine :) Take a look!

outdoors, sun
I was very happy with this mani - hope you all love it too! Now that I know I can manage them, I expect I will be doing many more French tip manis in the future :)

Have a lovely day! ♥ 

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