Friday, February 8, 2013

Daily Lacquer Satine

Hey guys! Today I have a lovely new polish from Daily Lacquer to share with you from Maggie's new Moulin Rouge-inspired collection! Satine is an amazing charcoal gray holo with holo silver microglitter and holo silver diamonds as well! Talk about a holofest! This polish is seriously so sparkly, I just about cried when it chipped and I had to take it off. It absolutely can reach opacity on its own (2-3 coats depending on how careful you are) but since I had some issues with the holo base covering up the diamond glitter (which can create a bit of a lumpy effect) I ended up layering it over Catherine Arley 667, a medium gray linear holo, but it doesn't really show up in the final mani as Satine is much darker than 667 -- it just helped with opacity so that I didn't have to deal with layering the glitters. Seriously loved the way this mani turned out, take a look!

outdoors, sun - don't you love the cute red bow?!
outdoors, shade
 On my nails:
1 coat Innisfree Eco Peel-off Base coat
3 coats Catherine Arley 667
1 coat Daily Lacquer Satine
1 coat Seche Vite

I just love how much holo is going on in this polish -- not only the holo base (which I confess I was not aware just how holo the base was until I stepped outside this morning to grab my mail and was blinded - nearly dropped my keys) but then the holo microglitter, and even holo diamonds! I like how sparse the diamonds are, because it really gives it a classy, interesting look. Overall I just love the inclusion of the glitters, because it makes it super sparkly and pretty, even in the shade :)

outdoors, sun
outdoors, sun

If you'd like to check out Daily Lacquer be sure to visit her website, Etsy or Facebook

outdoors, sun

Have a great day! ♥