Friday, January 25, 2013

Influenster Cosmo VoxBox - Gillette Venus Embrace + Venus & Olay Razor Review

The first of my reviews for my Influenster Cosmo VoxBox, hurray! In this post I will be sharing with you guys my experience with the Gillette Venus Embrace as well as the Venus & Olay Razor.

First, a bit of official info, as provided to me by Influenster:
  • Gillette Venus Embrace blade refills provide an ultra-close shave with five blades that hug curves to get virtually every hair. 
  • Venus & Olay Razor blade refills feature Olay Moisture Bars that contain skin conditioners to help lock in moisture and with every smoothing stroke, Venus' five blades provide an ultra-close shave.
Sounds great, right? And really, they are that great! I must confess, I have been using the Venus Embrace razor since I was in middle school. Some may call "bias!" there, but I counter with "great product!" Before I used this razor, I used an electric razor that cut up/razor-burned my legs, and on top of that I had to shave every couple days or get that attractive peach-fuzz look. When I switched over to this razor, I was still a fairly inexperienced shaver at the time, and therefore a bit clumsy and ...vigorous, haha -- but from that point on, I was able to go about a week with nice, smooth legs, and only very rarely did I cut myself (only if I was being stupid, which of course happens from time to time, lol). Because of that, I really do vouch for the smooth shave the Embrace promises, because I've been enjoying it for at least 5-6 years now :)

Venus Embrace
Venus Embrace
Venus Embrace
 I knew I would love the Venus Embrace since I've been a faithful user for so long, so it was fun to try out a new type of razor head in the Venus & Olay razor! I was actually unaware that you can switch out all Venus razor heads on any Venus razor, which I think is a really cool thing, since it makes trying them all out and finding your favorite pretty easy. The Venus & Olay is supposed to be moisturizing along with just a great shave, which I was pretty excited about, since my legs get crazy dry during the winter. I think some more adventurous bloggers tried out the moisturizing action without any shaving cream to see what would happen, but I'm not quite that brave :) However, I did try using just a very, very thin layer of conditioner (I've always used cheap conditioner over shaving cream) on one leg, vs. my normal thicker layer on the other. Interestingly, I found that my legs felt way softer on the thin-layer leg when I was done! I think perhaps that this was due to less interference between the moisturizing Olay lather and my skin -- more direct contact = more moisturizing? Either way, my legs felt incredibly nice and soft and smooth when I was done, much more so than a normal shave. It does take some water to get the bars to create a soapy lather - which smelled great, by the way, very light and clean - and then you are ready to go. Due to having five blades like the Venus Embrace, the shave was just as smooth as I would hope for.

Venus & Olay
Venus & Olay
Venus & Olay
I was super-pleased with both of these products, as they did exactly what I wanted them to do - provide a great, smooth shave, and moisturize my legs in the process. I definitely recommend them! Like I said, I've been using the Venus Embrace happily for years, and I doubt that will be changing any time soon :)

If you'd like to learn more about Gillette Venus products check out their website~

Have a great day! ♥

~These products were provided for an honest review by me from Influenster~

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  1. I use this razor too but have never tried a different head for it. Perhaps I will have to give it a go! :)