Friday, September 28, 2012

Naild'it Summer Lovin Melon

 Hello lovelies! Hope you are having an excellent Friday. Today I have for you a mani that undeniably screams "summer!" when you look at it. Unfortunately, it is getting a bit chillier here as of late but it certainly is nice to look back at this mani and recall more carefree days :)

This is Naild'it Summer Lovin Melon, which is an amazing polish full of all sorts of glitters. There are matte pink, red, orange, green, black and white hexes ranging in size from giant (those lovely giant black hexes) all the way down to super-tiny. There are also some shiny medium pink hexes, white bars, and black matte heart glitters. There are even some shiny pink heart glitters in there if I recall correctly, but they are a bit tough to see in the pictures, especially with a nearly matching base. (And wow, that really is a lot of glitter! Hope I didn't miss anything.) Speaking of base, I used China Glaze Surfin' for Boys, which is from the 2012 neon collection and is a tough color for me to describe -- sort of a coral-like reddish orange shimmer? Regardless, it was a pretty combo and shupe
r bright. I thought the two went together perfectly to create that summery fruity look. After that I couldn't help but add a splash of China Glaze Fairy Dust to give the otherwise very matte mani a holo sparkle. :) Check it out below!
indoors, natural light
outdoors, sun
 On my nails:
1 coat Seche Clear
2 coats China Glaze Surfin' for Boys
2 coats Naild'it Summer Lovin Melon
1 coat China Glaze Fairy Dust
2 coats Seche Vite

I really loved this mani! Summer Lovin Melon was a bit difficult to work with -- with all that glitter it was quite thick and a bit gloopy, if I recall. There was no trouble getting the large glitters out -- in fact, (dare I even say this but) there were almost too many! Of course, this would not be a problem for some, but I am a little crazy :) and usually like to make sure with accent glitters like large hexes and hearts there are the same number on each nail, which can be hard to control when they come out so readily. If this is a problem for you too I dealt with it buy setting the excess large glitters aside on the neck of the bottle until I was ready for them, or just applying the large glitters to new nails and then going back over it with the rest of the polish when I was ready. It was  kind of a pain, but the end result is so fun and vibrant it was well worth it, in my opinion. :)

outdoors, sun

Have a great day and a great weekend! ♥

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  1. I really love this look. Totally looks like a party on your nails, haha. Definitely makes me think of summer. :)