Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hi! I like polish.

Well hello! If you managed to stumble onto this humble blog and love nail polish as much as I do, you are in luck :)

I suppose an introduction is in order before I start posting the stuff we all care about, so here goes~ My name is Becky. I'm 19 years old (turning 20 on this coming Friday, though!) and currently a sophomore in college majoring in Marketing. I have always enjoyed painting my nails since I was young, but the obsession really kicked in following the creation of my older sister Jenny's blog (Polishology, if you're wondering). Lately, I have developed a love for all things indie -- which is really no surprise to me, since those glitters were always my favorite :) I don't do much in the way of nail art but I'm hoping that finally biting the bullet and making my own blog will inspire me to try new things, so look forward to that! (Messy water marbles, smeared Konad and wobbly freehand ftw!)

As for non-polish interests, I have an interest in Japanese and Korean pop-culture (some may say Asian dramas/music and nail polish are my dual obsessions, and they wouldn't be wrong). My favorite group is TVXQ (which to me includes JYJ too -- always keep the faith! But I doubt that means anything to most potential readers, and that's ok :P ) I also love to read and I enjoy drawing, though I don't do it much anymore. I am getting my minor in Japanese and while it is a lot of work, I find learning new languages to be quite fun and very rewarding, so it is worth it :)

I have a pet bunny named Pippin and two gerbils named Malo and Talo, so pictures of them might sneak onto this blog from time to time!

I will leave you with a picture of my cute Pippin -- and the promise for many lovely pictures of polish in the near future~ :)


  1. Welcome! And I'm looking forward to your posts! (I found you through Polishology.)

    Pippin is a cutie!