Friday, August 8, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Melon Wine, Holo-fied

Hello friends! It is absurdly late right now so I will make this post quick and get down to the point: Colors by Llarowe Melon Wine is the definitive, be-all-end-all summer polish. It is is a neon coral shimmah with major pink flash. It goes on flawlessly in 2 coats, and screams beach+fluffy tropical cocktails+fun in the sun (fitting, since I wore it for it for the majority of my vacation in Hawaii earlier this summer, in which I enjoyed all of those three things in abundance). As if its fantastic punch of color wasn't enough, layering on a coat of Enchanted Polish Djinn in a Bottle to give it a little holo shine kicks it into high gear. Seriously, take a look.

outdoors, sun
outdoors, shade

Omg, it's magic, isn't it? I have probably near 2000 polishes (guesstimate, haven't counted since 1200 and frankly a bit afraid to) but I could legit be happy wearing this combo only for the rest of forever. I kinda need to go put it on, like, five minutes ago, after looking at my pics again...

outdoors, sun

You can find Enchanted Polish at their website and Facebook~
To check out Colors by Llarowe check out the site and Facebook~
Neither of these babies is in stock right now, but try Storenvy/Facebook sale groups -- or just throw any holo topcoat on top of a neon (neon shimmer is a bonus!) - I promise you won't be able to keep yourself from staring at it! All. day. long.

Have a super day!

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