Friday, June 20, 2014

Dollish Polish Hylian Princess - Then & Now

Hello friends! It has yet again been an absurd amount of time since my last post Same old story, aka life happens: first it was finals, then I was on vacation, then BAM, my summer class and internship started. The internship has been wonderful so far and I already feel like I've learned a ton (as for my finance class, I may have learned something but it is far from wonderful, alas) but the moral of the story is that I have barely had time to breathe lately, much less play nails (booo).

However, recently I was hit heavy with the desire to start blogging again (probably was the meeting on social media I attended this week -- I miss sharing with you guys!) so I decided to look through my drafts and see if I had anything close to ready to go. And look at that, I do! This is actually a really cool post (fitting for my return after so long) -- it is a recreation of the very first mani I ever posted on PTR!

In this version, I used three coats of Colors by Llarowe The Sweetest Thing, a magically shimmery sparkly purple, followed by Dollish Polish Hylian Princess, a mix of purple, gold and white glitters inspired by Princess Zelda (this is a very popular polish among me and my fellow Zelda-obsessed friends). So pretty and sparkly! Take a look~

outdoors, sun
outdoors, shade
So purdy! I was so enamored with this mani the first time I wore it that I was inspired to finally bite the bullet and start up this blog - and after wearing again, I would have to say it really is a fantastic combo! (of course, the purple base I used back then was different, but it's the same idea).

To see how far I've come, let's take a look at that first picture (be prepared...shield your eyes)

oh, what beautiful hand positioning...

Yikes! But on the flipside, hurray from improvement! Here's to hoping that if I just keep on keeping on and don't abandon my poor little blog completely, I will continue to improve even more :)

Have a lovely day! ♥


  1. I would love to own that polish! Everybody should have a Zelda polish!

    1. I definitely agree, it's a must! :) Thanks for reading!