Monday, April 21, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer Spring Sorbet Skittles

Hello friends! Today I have a very springtastic post for you. The Lilypad Lacquer Spring Sorbet collection was recently released exclusively over at Llarowe, and being the pastel holo lover that I am, I couldn't resist snagging all of them. I swatched the entire collection individually and will post those pics up shortly, but today I want to share a cute skittles mani I did with all of the pretties.

I started out with three coats each of Sherbet (blue), Minty (green), Passion (purple), Peachy (peach/coral), Musky (pink), and Lemony (yellow). I then used the Saran wrap method (topcoat, then layer on the top color, then dab with Saran wrap to create a marbled effect) with In The Milky Way, a grayish white creme holo with the same holo effect as the others. Finally, mostly because I was bored, haha, I used my dotting tool to individually place glitters from Lynnderella Connect the Spots, a multicolor dot glitter mix in a shimmery clear base, in a rainbow design on one hand and a flower design on the other. Take a look!

(right hand) outdoors, sun
(right hand) outdoors, shade
(left hand) outdoors, sun
outdoors, shade

I really loved this mani! Super cheerful and colorful and definitely very springy. I really like the method of using glitters in this way - this was the first time I've done it, but I definitely want to again! A great way to add an extra poppy slash of color to a mani.

To check out Lilypad Lacquer be sure to visit their Etsy, their page on Llarowe, and their Facebook~
To check out Lynnderella be sure to visit their store~

Have a fantastic day! ♥

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