Monday, February 3, 2014

A Couple Comparisons - Hot Pinks and Teal Blues

Hello friends! I don't have much to post today- sun has been spotty and with all the Colors by Llarowe round-up posts I have done recently I actually have already posted most of my recent manis - odd! I know I probably have post-worthy pictures tucked away somewhere on my computer, but ever since I got my new computer (which was all the way back in October, alas) my file organization has been a little jumbled - maybe someday I'll find the inspiration to straighten it out. But I have had fun posting daily the past few days, and I don't really want to break my streak! So while it's not much, enjoy a couple comparisons I did recently, as well as a mani I did with the ...comparees.

Aly's Dream Polish Deep Steel Blue is a dark, navy-ish teal with a strong scatter holo effect. By comparison, Steel Blue is more of a sky blue-leaning teal, with that same strong holo effect. Application is great! A little sheer at the first coat but builds easily in three. Obviously here I did mostly Deep Steel Blue in an accent of Steel Blue with Deep Steel Blue polka dots.

outdoors, sun
outdoors, shade

Someone in a nail polish comparison group I'm in on Facebook wanted to see the two pretties above compared with Enchanted Polish August 2013, which is also a blue-ish teal holo. It is most close to Steel Blue, but is a little darker, leans more green, and of course has a linear holo effect instead of scattered.

outdoors, sun

It really is not that similar to Deep Steel Blue at all - Deep Steel Blue seems much bluer and of course much darker than both of them, as shown below. And overall, the formulas are a different, though both are good - the EP is heavier and more creme-based and covers completely in two coats, vs. the slightly more sheer ADPs that need three. Basically all three polishes are different enough that if you like teal polish you need them all :)

indoors, Ott Lite

Another comparison that was requested was Colors by Llarowe It's Shocking (which can be seen on its own here), which is a warm-leaning hot pink linear holo) and Enchanted Polish Disco Barbie, which is a more cool-toned hot pink scatter holo. Obviously by looking at the picture Disco Barbie is much cooler-toned than It's Shocking, and appears brighter. Though Disco Barbie is typically called a scatter holo and It's Shocking is definitely linear, the holo effect doesn't seem that different in the below photo - neither are terribly strong but definitely are visible. They clearly are quite different and pink lovers definitely will want both of these as well :)

outdoors, sun
It was really fun doing comparisons like this! I don't think I've ever done a comparison post on my blog before, but I would definitely be interested in doing more in the future! If any one has any requests just let me know in the comments - as long as I have the polishes I would be happy to give it a go! ;)

Have a fantastic day! ♥ 

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