Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Crazy Holo Rainbow Dotticure!

Hello all! I promised you Christmas and holiday manis galore... those are on the way for sure, but today I have a fun dotticure to share with you instead - don't think anyone would mind though, when holo rainbows are involved :) I started off with Lilypad Lacquer In the Milkyway, an off-white soft holo, then dotted with various China Glaze neon shimmers - Surfin' For Boys, Love's a Beach, Orange You Hot, Sun-Kissed, I'm With the Lifeguard, Splish Splash, and finally Gothic Lolita, the only non-neon of the the bunch. I finally topped everything off with Colors by Llarowe Leather and Lace, a holo topcoat, to make everything really shine. I love how it all went together, take a look!

outdoors, sun
outdoors, shade
On my nails:
1 coat Innifree Eco Peel-off Base coat
3 coats Lilypad Lacquer In the Milkyway
-dotted- various China Glaze (see above)
1 coat Colors by Llarowe Leather and Lace
1 coat KB Shimmer Clearly On Top

I just loved this mani! I have done lots of dotticures before, but this was a slightly different technique, both because the colors were different for each nail, and because I slightly varied the size of the dots. Overall super fun and colorful!

You can find Colors by Llarowe at Llarowe, of course!
You can find Lilypad Lacquer at Llarowe as well - or their Etsy ~ and be sure to check out their Facebook!

Have a wonderful day!


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  2. A very cute mani. Don't know how you do it.