Monday, July 22, 2013

Layla Hologram Effect Emerald Divine

Hey guys! Today I have another amazing holo to share with you! I have had Layla Hologram Effect Emerald Divine for awhile now - and now that I've worn it I can't imagine what took me so long, it is absurdly gorgeous! As the name suggests, it is an emerald green holo. On to the pictures!

outdoors, sun
outdoors, shade
 On my nails:
1 coat Nfu Oh Aqua Base
2 coats Layla Hologram Effect Emerald Divine
1 coat HK Girl Topcoat

outdoors, sun
So by all accounts Layla holos usually have sub-par wear (chipping, tipwear, etc.) and the holo is diminished by topcoat. Luckily, with the combo of aqua base and HK Girl Topcoat, I dont' believe I had either of those problems! The polish went on really easily and was almost opaque in just one coat, and with the topcoat (which I highly recommend!) was still extremely holo and with virtually no wear after about 15 hours wear. I personally remember past Layla holos having poor wear, so it really is all thanks to this topcoat I think! Overall I was really pleased with how this mani held up, especially for such a gorgeous polish in such a pretty (and unique, for a holo) green shade -definitely motivated to wear the rest of my Layla holos now :)

outdoors, sun

You can find Layla Hologram Effect polishes on Amazon~
You can find Nfu Oh Aqua base at Fabulous Street~
You can find HK Girl Topcoat at Glisten & Glow's website~

indoors, natural light

Have a wonderful day! ♥