Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jindie Nails Pickled Tink

Hello hello! Today I have a delightful Jindie Nails pretty to share with you. Pickled Tink is a shimmery sheer hot pink with purple shimmer, small iridescent flakies, silver small and large dots, hearts, and stars. This is pretty much the girliest polish in the world, but somehow, I absolutely love it! Take a look.

outdoors, shade
outdoors, sun
On my nails:
1 coat Innisfree Eco Peel-off base coat
3 coats Jindie Nails Pickled Tink
1 coat KB Shimmer Clearly On Top

So I have made it known quite frequently, I think, that pink polish isn't necessarily my favorite. But I really love the shimmery quality of this one! I love how the big glitters shine through the sheer base, and how it builds to opacity without losing its juiciness. So pretty!

indoors, natural light

If you'd like to check out Jindie Nails be sure to visit her etsy and Facebook~ you can also buy on Llarowe and MeiMei's Signatures~

Have a lovely day! ♥

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