Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cult Nails Feelin' Froggy + CND Raspberry Sparkle, Mattefied

Hey guys! Today I have a fun layering combo that I have wanted to try for awhile to share with you guys. Back before I began the whole "polish obsession" I really wanted a green polish with pink shimmer, but couldn't find one (of course who knows, there might be one, but I didn't really know how to look). Of course, turns out it is easier to just use a couple polishes to create the look on my own! I started out with Cult Nails Feelin' Froggy, a delightful grassy green with a ton of shimmer packed into it. I adore this polish on its own, by the way -- such the perfect shade of green I think! I then layered CND Raspberry Sparkle over it to get my sparkly pink fix. Finally, I decided to turn the mani matte with China Glaze Matte Magic, my go-to matte topcoat. Take a look!

outdoors, shade
outdoors, sun
 On my nails:
1 coat Nail Tek III Protection Plus
2 coats Cult Nails Feelin' Froggy
1 coat CND Raspberry Sparkle
1 coat Cult Nails Wicked Fast
1 coat China Glaze Matte Magic

I love how it turned out! The perfect pink and green mani to me :) I'm glad that I was able to finally make one of my "dream manis" come to life!

outdoors, shade

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Have a great day! ♥


  1. love it, I really don't wear enough green. I haven't owned anything from cult nails, but I will someday, swatches of their polishes are so awesome

  2. that gorgeous green is really cute nail