Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lynnderella Season's Glitterings - Elf Love

Hey guys! Today I have another one of the new holiday Lynnderella polishes for you. Elf Love is a pretty mix of lots of matte white glitters in various shapes/sizes (including hearts!) as well as turquoise/pink shiny/holo glitters and microglitter too. I really love white glitter, so I love this polish! I layered it over MmmmNails Candy Burst, a pretty bright pink shimmer. Check it out!

indoors, flash
outdoors, mostly overcast
 On my nails:
1 coat Innisfree Eco Peel-off Base coat
3 coats MmmmNails Candy Burst
1 coat Lynnderella Elf Love
1 coat OPI Topcoat
1 coat Seche Vite

indoors, near window + flash
I wore this for two days, and during those two days I couldn't really catch the sun too well :( It did peek out around 4:30 today, but alas that is also around the time it goes down these days, so I wouldn't have been able to actually get my nails in the sun unless I climbed a tree or something. Thus, I have lots of lighted pictures, but those are good too :) The bar glitters were a bit annoying in this one, but as I've said before I like bar glitters personally, so I just trimmed 'em, flattened them with topcoat, and that's that. Very pretty polish!

indoors, flash

You can check out MmmmNails at her etsy~

And of course Lynnderella at her eBay store~

Have a great day! ♥

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