Friday, October 26, 2012

First Gradient Mani -- and it's HOLO!

Hey guys! I will have another Halloween mani for you later today (gotta do it first!) but right now I have my very first gradient mani to share with you! I have been wanting to try a holo gradient for awhile now, because I think they are just so pretty and magical looking. It was sort of a fail first attempt, but I thought it would still be fun to share :)

I used two Layla Hologram Effect polishes, Coral Glam and Ocean Rush. I used my Nfu Oh Aqua Base coat first, then two coats of Coral Glam. Then, I painted Ocean Rush on just the tips of my nails. After that, came the sponging! I don't actually have any makeup sponges I could use, but I had heard of the cling wrap method, so I decided to try that. I didn't actually look at any tutorials though, I'm kind of terrible at reading and following directions :P so my method was just to cut off a small piece of cling wrap, scrunch it up so all the edges kind of met in the center, paint directly onto the scrunchy bit, and then just kind of dab it onto my nail. I first did this with Ocean Rush, and then I went over it again with Coral Glam. On some of the pictures you will also see a silly little flower glitter that I thought would be fun -- I stole it out of Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri Namesake. Check it out! (very picture heavy, sorry!)

outdoors, sun!
indoors, artificial light
indoors, natural light lamp
indoors, flash
indoors, window, sort of sun
indoors, window, overcast, not too holo but cute!
I think this turned out overall cute, but I wish the gradient was a bit more... gradient-y? I think next time I will not paint blue on the tips but sponge on the tips as well, to make it less solidly blue. Still, hope you like it! Have you done gradients? How did they go? Got any tips? :)

Have a great day! ♥


  1. Woah! This holo gradient is crazy prettyyy! You did and amazing job on this!

  2. Love holographic polishes... And here, in Argentina,
    not arrive these!! Sorry for my english :)